INTRODUCING: Great Property Investing Resources at 90% Off


Great Property Investing Resources At 90% Off

Am I Crazy?

My team can’t believe I’m doing this. These Property Blueprint Boxes Were Only Available as Part of My Mentoring Program.

But I need the space… 


Which I am clearing out…

From Helen Collier-Kogtevs:
If you’re like most property investors I’ve met, you struggle with one of two key factors:
Problem #1: Getting finance to grow your property portfolio.
Problem #2: Knowing where to invest, so you get the best return on investment.
And the reality is, if you could overcome these bottlenecks, nothing could hold you back. 
It’s not a lack of desire that’s holding you back, it’s a lack of clarity. Think about it:
  • ​Are you finding it tough to borrow more money to finance the growth of your portfolio with your current debt levels?
  • ​Stifled by banks not loaning you money, even though you can financially demonstrate an ability to pay?
  • ​Not able to get into the market through a lack of cashflow, and don’t know how to do creative deals that could pay you more than your current job?
  • ​Over 50, and getting access to finance is becoming harder? (even though you’re racing against the clock to get set up for retirement).
  • ​Or you really want to invest, but feel overwhelmed by the high property prices in your area and are worried about picking the wrong property – therefore hampering your future progress?
These are the hurdles I’ve helped thousands of my clients overcome for years. Since financial education and money management skills are not taught at school, I’ve dedicated more than a decade to educating investors build their portfolios and create financial freedom (you’ll see some of their stories below).
There are simply too many investors who have:
  • ​No “strategy”.
  • ​Been trapped into buying properties that do not suit their circumstances.
  • ​Unknowingly hit the financial brick wall and are in financial stress.
Can you relate? Then you’re going to love what’s inside my “Exactly What to Do” Property Blueprint Box where you’ll discover:
How to Get Started on Your 10-Year Retirement Plan, Without Feeling Overwhelmed
This includes a sure-fire plan demonstrating how you could potentially retire in ten years time, with a fully paid out property portfolio worth millions, earning you a passive income of $100,000.00+ per year. Here’s what you’ll discover:
  • ​Ready to get into the market, but at a loss at where to start, what to do, or if you’re doing it right? Plagued with uncertainties Find out exactly what to do, step-by-step
  • What you absolutely must do prior to shopping for a property (most people completely skip over this step – and it’s one of the biggest reasons they fail. Don’t make the same mistake)
  • ​One of the most important websites to bookmark, as you progress on your property investment journey.
  • The exact 7 steps you must take before creating your property investment strategy (be careful, shortcutting this process can leave you exposed).
  • ​Should you buy one property at $800,000.00 or two properties at $400,000? Make no mistake – it can make a huge difference if you get this wrong. Here’s exactly what to do and why.
  • Exactly how I purchased 10 properties in 10 years, and have helped hundreds of my students do the same (that’s right, once you reach 10, you could have a portfolio worth $5 million)
  • ​The 7 different types of buying strategies (includes the risks and benefits of each – and how to tell which one is best for you).
  • How to build your panel of experts – including the 7 experts every property investor should have, and the questions to ask before giving them your trust.
  • Capital growth vs. rental income, which is better for you? Here’s how to know 
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How to Get Even Impossible Loans, at the Best Rates – Never Feel Stuck Again
You’ll never feel stuck or held back by lack of finances after you discover these strategies – including:
  • ​How to increase borrowing capacity, without working a heap more hours to earn more income
  • Got a few properties and plenty of equity, but the banks won’t lend you more money? Here’s exactly what to do, even if you’re over 50.
  • ​How to handle the banks stricter lending criteria (and pick up the most affordable loans on the market).
  • 7 ways to maximise your borrowing power (if you can’t access money right now, one of these reasons is probably the culprit. Discover exactly how to fix it).
  • ​The dangers of pre-approval (please don’t overlook this or you could be left holding the bag).
  • Purchased your second investment property, but now unsure of how to build your property portfolio going forward without a huge amount of equity? Here’s what to do next.
  • ​The 5 biggest factors that impact your borrowing power (get these right, and lenders will be happy to service virtually anything you throw at them. Get it wrong, and you’ll experience endless frustration).

Only 17 Property Blueprint Boxes left at this NEVER SEEN BEFORE Crazy Price of Just $297… Grab Yours Now!

vALUED AT $2,997
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How to Find the Best Deals: Picking the Right Property to Invest in
It’s easier than you think – especially once you understand:
  • ​Exactly where to find properties right now, with high capital growth and a cashflow positive rental income (that won’t be beyond your lending limits).
  • How to pick the right house in the right suburb (before it becomes common knowledge, and others pick up on it).
  • How to know if a property is worth purchasing to renovate (use this exact checklist, to know in a short time, whether to give it the green light or not).
  • ​Got $250k and want to find the top 1% of properties with 8% or more rental return within your budget? Here’s exactly what to do.
  • ​The 6D’s to finding a great property deal – even if it isn’t advertised.
  • The ultimate research checklist you must go through before buying a property (including how to research a specific town, suburb, property, local council and even an off-the-plan property. This could save you a small fortune).
  • ​ Exactly what to do to research a specific suburb (once you’ve zoned in on one, just follow these steps, to ensure you can move forward with confidence)
  • What you must know about real estate agents to negotiate the best deal.
  • ​The 6 golden rules for successful negotiating (this simple checklist could save you thousands in a matter of minutes).
  • How to buy at an auction – the 3 best techniques to use for different situations
  • ​Step by step guide to making an offer (and getting the upper hand – therefore saving thousands).
  • The single best clause you can use to protect yourself in a negotiation.
  • ​How to evaluate a contract quickly, without getting confused.
Plus much, much more including what to do if cashflow is tight, and you feel like the odds are stacked against you - including 8 outside-the-box buying strategies that allow you to get started with little or no money. 

Only 17 Property Blueprint Boxes left at this NEVER SEEN BEFORE Crazy Price of Just $297… Grab Yours Now!

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Here are some of the goodies you will receive in the Property Blueprint Resource Box
The Rainbow Books
The P.E.A.K Education & Mentoring Modules
Helen Collier-Kogtevs' Best-Selling Publications
And more gifts
Still Got Questions: I’ve Answered Them Below:
Question: Is it complicated and overwhelming?
Not at all. In fact, there’s no hype and it gets straight to the point. Everything is explained in a simple and easy to understand format (although the content is anything but obvious) and broken down into a step-by-step process, so all you need to do is follow it like a recipe.
Question: Is it tailored to my specific needs?
Of course – the bottom line is it has to be tailored to you because everyone’s situation is different and we need to develop a strategy to incorporate your financials. By inputting your own data, you are tailoring everything to your unique situation so it is not a one size fits all. Just follow the steps in module 3, and your jaw will drop at its simplicity. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Question: Has the market changed too much since you were able to retire?
The property market hasn’t changed, what has changed is the lending landscape. Once you know what those new rules are, you can still buy multiple properties just like Gerard who just recently purchased property #9, Peter and Greta who secured 2 investment properties in 2 months, and Mark who bought 3 properties in a year.
Question: Does it include coaching/mentoring?
No, it does not include coaching from a mentor – however everything is laid out for you step-by-step, and it does include a rolodex of a tried and tested panel of experts you can seek out for support.
Question: How much time do I need to work your system?
Most people do it while working their full time job, and usually put aside 2 to 3 hours per week to focus on growing their property portfolio.
Question: I am over 50, will it help me retire in the next 10 years?
No matter what you’ve been told, it’s not too late. You still have time to set yourself up for retirement, but now is the time for action. I started early at the age of 31, but by the age of 37 I was in a position to retire, quit the corporate world, and follow my passion for property. If I can do it, you can do it too – and I show you everything with my system.
Question: I am a seasoned investor, will it still help me?
Absolutely, unless you have used investment property to set yourself up for complete financial freedom, there’s plenty you’ll learn in this box – particularly if you’re not able to move forward with the banks stricter rules for loan lending.
Question: Will it show me exactly which properties to invest in?
Yes, it will show you which properties to invest in for both high capital growth and a good rental income – including a simple checklist that will tell you whether to go ahead or not with a property deal.
Question: Previously you sold this as a part of a coaching program for $10,000.00… why is it only $297?
First, there is no mentoring involved - although I do give you access to my complete investing formula with a step-by-step approach and access to all the specialist experts. So you can reach out with your newfound knowledge and get all the support you need. Second, since we’ve moved everything to digital I wanted to clear them out and make my office usable again.
Question: Who else has achieved results with your mentoring?
I’m glad you asked – please see some of my student’s results below:
Jason York - Melbourne, 2019
Michael and Karena Dashwood - Melbourne, 2019
Eddie - Melbourne, 2018
Maddy and Morgan - Melbourne, 2018
Nathaniel - Melbourne, 2017
Narelle and Tane - Melbourne, 2017
Grab Your Property Blueprint Resource BOX

Only 17 Property Blueprint Boxes left at this NEVER SEEN BEFORE Crazy Price of Just $297… Grab Yours Now!

vALUED AT $2,997
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If You’re Serious About Retiring in the Next 10 Years, You Need to Get Your Hands on This
It will show you exactly how to identify the right properties with the potential for both high capital gain and a solid rental income…
And how to get the finance you need to grow your portfolio…
All laid out for you step-by-step, so you can just do it…
You’re going to love this because it’s your first chance to get your hands on my full system, delivered to your door, without having to pay the thousands those in my coaching programs used to pay.
And make no mistake, this is not a mickey mouse program.
It’s in depth. It’s tried and tested. And it’s not rcomplicated or overwhelming.
There’s no hype. It gets straight to the point. And…
Whether You’re a Newbie or a Seasoned Investor Wanting to Get to the Next Level, it Gives You the Exact Tools You Need
What’s more, unlike a seminar you don’t have to spend money on travel, and have all the time you need to digest the information and go back over it.
I explain everything properly – the complete picture. I give you my rolodex of experts to access, and I include all important details so you can tailor it to your specific situation and don’t put yourself under unnecessary risk.
I could go on and on, however it’s really something you need to experience for yourself.

You’re Completely Protected by My
Money Back Guarantee

Make no mistake: I created the “Exactly What to Do” Property Blueprint Box to provide you with step-by-step guidance and help you overcome the challenges which have been holding you back. I’m confident it’s going to help you grow your portfolio so you can retire in the next ten years and that’s why - even though you’re getting your hands on it for less than anyone else has paid before, I offer the following guarantee: 

If the “Exactly What to Do” Property Blueprint Box doesn’t live up to its promises… or if you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever… simply return it in its original condition within fourteen days and we’ll immediately send you a 100% refund of every cent you’ve paid. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. No problems at all.
That’s an outrageously fair offer, don’t you think? There’s just one catch to this offer. We only have 17 of these boxes available, so it’s first in best dressed.
So grab your Property Blueprint box here before they disappear:
You are only $297 away from Starting a Multi-Million Dollar Journey.
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About Helen Collier-Kogtevs
Helen Collier-Kogtevs is the Managing Director of Real Wealth Australia, a leading education and mentoring company for real estate investors. Not only is she a highly successful property investor and an educator, but also a best-selling author, and a philanthropist.
Helen is particularly passionate about helping people, especially people who are keen to create wealth and make a difference in their lives, and she has been mentoring thousands of new and experienced investors in their pursuit of wealth creation through property.
She founded Real Wealth Australia to mentor investors create wealth and financial freedom by focusing on helping them build an investment strategy to fit their individual goals, rather than focusing on one particular investing method using her successful property investing system
To Your Success,
Helen Collier-Kogtevs
P.S. If you come back to this page and it is no longer here, I’m sorry but it means we’ve sold out. 
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